Mindful Living

Farm To Fork CSA

Pick-up...Wednesdays...2-6pm (all of July)

Weekly place order online at farmtoforkcsa.com by Tuesdays 10am for delivery to Guided Motion on Wednesdays. No commitment...order when wanted.

In the Spirit of Community: Common Ground


Balancing the body with mindful movement and hands-on guidance. Private sessions are available by appointment.



Enjoy a sense of renewal through core engagement with breathing techniques and movements that promote length, strength, flexibility, and balance. Learn an individualized repertoire on the reformer, tower, arc barrel and mat.


Experience freedom and ease of movement emerge as you cued to release holding patterns and cultivate body awareness. Learn how to move and explore asanas with stable alignment, core activation, and balanced flow. Gentle hands-on facilitation & myofascial stretching provided.

Pelvic Floor & Core Conditioning

Learn techniques to use in your daily life to create a healthy core beginning at the pelvic floor. Understand your anatomy and the importance of addressing weakness and imbalance in the pelvis for health and vitality.

Healthy Spine 

Experience a good workout without placing excessive stress on your back and neck. Learn basic Pilates principles and myofascial self-release techniques that protect and decompress the spine for healthy functional movement.