Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
— Rumi

Finding common ground in our humanity creates a sense of connection through our relatedness. Our world is relational and in the magnificently orchestrated interplay, we belong - receiving and giving- contracting and expanding.  There is a rhythm in this dynamic to follow, to hear, to feel and attune. As we discover how to be in this natural flow, we create harmony, both within and around us.
When we surrender our rational minds and open our field of perception to this universal rhythm, we live and dance in the delights and gifts of spirit…peace, harmony, love, stillness, flow…the deep vibrational resonance that supports true health and wholeness. We become unified and rooted in our Oneness.

In support of the nurturance and positive growth that comes through connection, Guided Motion®, is now offering a blog and monthly newsletter for inspirational sharing that may help us all stretch into living from our highest and best Self. Areas of self-care, mindful living, nutritional abstracts, and conscious connections to our World will be included. All are welcome to join, submit information for sharing, or pose questions, so our writings may evolve into something that really meets each person’s needs. In time, we’ll schedule a date to meet and directly experience our Common Ground.
As part of Guided Motion®’s desire to support eco-conscious programs, our studio has become a weekly delivery site for Farm to Fork CSA (community supported agriculture). To learn about their local organic produce and product offerings, please visit farmtoforkcsa.com.

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