Trauma Recovery


Services for children, adults & families provided with the sensitivity, insight, and gentle care that is needed to heal from a challenging experience.

This program utilizes a bodymind approach to release and resolve trauma. Specific brain structures that are known to carry the memory of trauma, such as the Amygdala, are addressed, as is the release of cellular fear and tissue memory. In your own timing, process-oriented bodywork, such as Heart Centered Therapy, Somato-emotional Release and Unwinding, is used to gently encourage awareness and insight development. Mindful movement and meditation techniques are taught for cultivating inner peace. Craniosacral therapy and Myofascial Release techniques facilitate core integration.

Previous and ongoing consultation with a licensed mental health practitioner is recommended. Referrals can be provided.

Therapeutic Immersion

Your personal journey to wellness - receive healing attention and therapeutic support several hours a day for an extended period of time. You simply decide the number of days you would like to commit to your healing process and we will do our best to accommodate your dates. Following an assessment and considering your needs, an individualized process will be designed for you.

Arrangements can be made for on-site lodging in a serene and contemplative environment. Taking time out of your everyday life while receiving intensive treatment may give you the respite that you need to effectively address your issue.

Call to discuss your options and needs at 678.431.7096 or email

Preconception & Beyond

For families during the childbearing years

Preconception Care

A combination of relaxing and therapeutic bodywork and mindful movement to reduce stress, restore body alignment and develop awareness of how to address your needs during pregnancy before you actually conceive. The techniques can address soft tissue restrictions in the abdomen and pelvis or elsewhere in the body that may be preventing conception (refer to our Women’s Health section for additional information on pelvic floor rehabilitation). Structural balancing of the pelvis optimal alignment of the spine, core stablilty, and postural awareness are all addressed as an integral part of this program. This work is truly designed to prepare you to carry your baby with greater confidence, emotional balance, and physical comfort. It will provide you with sound tools that you can use for relaxation, improving structural alignment, and moving with greater ease throughout your pregnancy. This program is highly recommended for women desirous of a vaginal delivery following a previous cesarean birth. Please note that this program is not intended to address your comprehensive needs during pregnancy, but certainly is a great way to get started.

Pregnancy Care 

Pregnancy Massage

Creates a sense of inner peace and harmony, relieves physical discomforts, and releases postural tension that may ensue from the progression of bodily changes.

Pregnancy Physical Therapy

Provides a gentle, safe and holistic way to address painful conditions, in utero constraint, physical and postural dysfunctions that may arise during pregnancy. Physician referral is required and insurance claims are provided for you to submit to your insurance company for possible cost reimbursement.

Pregnancy Mindful Movement

Prepare your body and mind for labor and delivery in a way that complements the education you receive in Birthing Classes; facilitate inner awareness of your body, your ‘self’, and your baby; access your innate feminine wisdom and revel in the experience of creating a new life. Physician approval is required. Referrals are made to group classes in your area.

Some benefits of mindful movement during pregnancy include the following:

  • Provides the mother with a sense of trust and confidence in the natural process of birth. 
  • Allows graceful accomodation to changes in posture and center of gravity. 
  • Prepares the body, especially the pelvis and hips, for labor and delivery. 
  • Enhances inner awareness and bonding with baby. 
  • Increases physical comfort and emotional balance. 
  • Improves breathing and circulation for relaxation and health. 
  • Honors the experience of pregnancy and birth. 
  • Enhances the ability to stay centered and focused during the birthing process.

Sacred Belly Creations A guided inner journey with expressive artwork for pregnant women.

Postpartum Care 

Both Natural Healing Arts and Mindful Movement are provided to help your body and mind attune to changes after delivery. Special attention is given to restoring structural balance and the tonicity and strength of the pelvic floor, abdominals, and uterus.

Bodywork For Dad

A combination of Myofascial Release, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, and Craniosacral Therapy is offered for health and wellness.

Couples Care 

Individually designed to meet the specific needs of each couple. May include instruction in deep relaxation, partner meditations & visualizations, connecting-to-baby meditations, synchronized breathing, touch relaxation, partner-supported yoga poses for Mom-to-be. Complements Birthing Classes and may begin as part of Preconception Care.